RGSS – It was vision of its founders, which conceived in 2008 and incorporated in the state of Uttar Pradesh in 14th November 2008. RGSS team comprises of eminent professionals from multi-discipline and multi-sector backgrounds across the country that share a common platform of thinking and do their bit towards the making of a cognitive society, with an intention to put collective efforts to work together and gather people who find themselves inspired to uplift the lives of those people who grow with inadequate education, healthcare, resources and psychological supports – several calls them as “Underprivileged”


We strongly believe that creation of Sustainable livelihoods in the rural areas can reduce migration to cities and help solve a myriad of urban problems. As India has more than 6.38 million villages and majority of them have several unmet basic human needs – such as minimum requirements in education, healthcare, housing, food security, water, sanitation, job availability etc. Awareness for peace and harmony in the community needs to be promoted. We also need to promote judicious application of modern science and technology, respect for the ecosystem and clean environment.


A developed India free of poverty, ignorance, diseases, socio-economic disparities, social disharmony and ecological disaster.


Our mission is to utilize the available resources in such a way that their uses can lead to substantial improvement in the quality of life of the people with whom work is being done.

To create positive social change by:

  • Promoting health and literacy to be self-reliant and dignified and enjoy a sustainable quality of life.
  • Raising awareness through promotion of holistic development approach (physical, emotional, psychological and social) for a healthy life style amongst children, youth and women.
  • Inspiring people individually & encouraging small steps by individuals, businesses, communities and governments.
  • Bringing the focus of rehabilitation on agriculture.
  • Halting the destruction of the biosphere and spreading awareness on global warming.
All these skills require tolerance, willingness to consider alternative perspectives, and easy essay who can do my homework writer the ability to articulate one`s ideas successfully.